Fulford Consulting Ltd.

APP Flare support & training.

0793 572 8612.


Oldham take on support.

2014-06-30: Unity Partnership working with Agilisys and Oldham Council have agreed terms with Fulford Consulting Ltd for Flare systems support.

Mail registration.

2013-05-31: If you would like to hear about Flare support, training courses and other services please submit your e-mail details here . This service is very low volume, perhaps 2 or 3 messages a year. You can unsubscribe using the contacts page at any time.

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On site and remote support for Flare.

2013-01-31: I am now able to offer independent on-site and remote support to local authorities using the Civica APP (Flare) system.*

With experience of working with Flare for Trading Standards, Environmental Health, Food Hygiene, Food Safety, Noise and Pollution Control, Pest Control, Liquor Licensing, Tobacco Control and Taxi Licencing, I can help authorities configure their system with user defined activities and user defined windows for new or well established purposes,

I can help you with setting up exports and reports for ad hoc use or as regular, automated documents. I can automate the generation of pdf documents, sending out email, printing plastic id cards and sending SMS messages.

I can script more complex reports that can combine exports from multiple data bases and rearrange data for better presentation in ways that are difficult or even impossible with the inbuilt Flare report generators.

If you are using the Microsoft SQL data base back end to Flare, I can write SQL queries for you that interrogate the data base and combined information for you in new ways.

I can generate templates for you and export the data into Excel Spreadsheets, Word documents, Card Five, PDF files, or any open source format for use with applications like OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

Whatever you need to enhance the way you use APP Flare, give me a call to discuss your requirement.

Remote Flare systems administration.

I can provide remote systems administration for your Flare system either on a "pay as you go" basis at an hourly rate or a fixed annual or biannual fee geared to your needs.

Give me a call to discuss rates and requirements.

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